Gillian B.

7-Day Self-Love Challenge

Kickstart your self-love journey with 7 days of connecting more deeply with your true self.


Self-Love Activation

An introduction to the powerful tools and self-therapy techniques that you need to get to know, learn to love and take next-level care of yourself!

$222.22 / month

Self-Love Activation + Mentoring Membership

Get all the benefits of 1-on-1 self-love guidance.

3 x $97.00

Harmonize Your Health

Vibrant Health Made Easy: All my health & wellness knowledge in 1 course.


3-Day Health Transformation

Learn how to shop for clean, sustainably sourced foods that will nourish your body in just 3 days.


Overcoming Self-Sabotage with Gillian B. & David Wolfe

How to stop subconsciously sabotaging your progress by changing your mindset.